Springfield Pamphlet Files

Pamphlets, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, and other ephemeral materials about the history of Springfield and Clark County people, places, and things are maintained in pamphlet files located at the Main Library. Ask at the Reference Desk for assistance with these files. Our list of pamphlet file subject headings is available for browsing.
Use the following alphabetical links to search for pamphlet headings.
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AAMCO Transmissions - see A-Misc. Folder
Abbott, Berenice
Ace Heating & Construction - see A-Misc. Folder
Active Engineering & Tool Co. - see A-Misc. Folder
Aetna Building Maintenance - see A-Misc. Folder
Afro-Americans, History
Airetool Manufacturing Company
Ajax Spring & Wheel - see A-Misc. Folder
Aleshire, Arthur William
Allen Tool Company
Allied Supply Co. Inc. - see A-Misc. Folder
All-Phase Electric - see W.W. Electric
Ambler House (220 W. Main - first brick home in Spfld. Built 1815) - see A-Misc. Folder
American Seeding Machine Co. - see Oliver Corp.
Animal Welfare League - see A-Misc. Folder
Ansted & Burke Mill - see Clark Landmark Inc.
Anthony, Charles
Anthony House (58-60 Walnut St.)
Applied Communications - see A-Misc. Folder
Arcade Barber Shop - see Arcade Building
Arcade Building
Archaeology - see also Mounds
Art League of Springfield - see Artists
Art Museum - see Springfield Museum of Art
Asbury United Methodist Church
Avalon Park - see Spring Grove Park
Top of Page
B & N Fiberglass, Inc. - see B-Misc. Folder
Baader Brown - see B-Misc. Folder
Baker and Ice Motors, Inc. - see B-Misc. Folder
Baker, Margaret
Bancroft Store
Band Box Theater - see Ohio Theater
Banks - see also individual bank names
Bauer Brothers
Bayley Home (642 N. Wittenberg Ave.) - see B-Misc. Folder
Bayley, William Co.
Beach Manufacturing Co.
Beardsley, Elijah
Bearings, Inc.
Beckley Kuhns & Myers Concrete Co.
Bede Aircraft
Beekman's Auto Service - see B-Misc. Folder
Bel Meade Homes, Inc. - see B-Misc. Folder
Benjamin Iron & Metal Co. - see Benjamin Steel
Benjamin Steel - see B-Misc. Folder
Berea Bible Church
Bethel Baptist Church
Beulah Chapel - see Brethren in Christ Church
Big Four Depot
Big Four Park - see B-Misc. Folder
"Black Bottoms" (Neighborhood)
Blackhorse Tile Co. - see B-Misc. Folder
Black's Opera House
Block's Department Store - see Bushnell Building
Blose House (Tremont City Rd., Owltown) - see B-Misc. Folder
Blue Print, Inc. - see B-Misc. Folder
Board of Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities - see also Mental Health; Springview Center
Boggs, Frank
Bolle, Ted Millwork, Inc. - see B-Misc. Folder
BOMAG U.S.A. - see Buffalo- Springfield Co.
Bonded Oil
Bookwalter (Buchwalter) Family
Bookwalter House
Bornell Supply Co. - see B-Misc. Folder
Bosca, Hugo Company
Boston Dry Cleaning & Shoe Repair Service - see B-Misc. Folder
Bowman, Samuel
Bowsher, Jack
Brain Lumber Company
Brethren in Christ Church
Bretney Company
Bruce, William
Buchwalter Family - see Bookwalter
Buchwalter House (2132 E. High) - see B-Misc. Folder
Buck Creek State Park - see B-Misc. Folder
Buckeye Bumpers - see B-Misc. Folder
Buckeye Enterprises - see Buckeye Record Co.
Buckeye Incubator Company
Buckeye Record Co. - see B-Misc. Folder
Buffalo-Springfield - see also Kelly, O.S.
Bullock Garages
Bushnell, Asa
Bushnell Building (Block's) - see also Wren, Edward Co.
Bushnell House (1203 E. High)
Business & Professional Woman's Club - see B-Misc. Folder
Business Directories
Business Equipment Co. - see B-Misc. Folder
Business Hall of Fame
Business Printing & Supply Service - see Springfield Commercial Printing
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C & N Industrial Maintenance - see C-Misc. Folder
Cab-N-Facet - see C-Misc. Folder
Caliman, Alvah
Campbell and Price General Store - see C-Misc. Folder
Cappelli Garden Center - see C-Misc. Folder
Capri Manufacturing Co. - see C-Misc. Folder
Carey Electronic Engineering Co.
Carlisle Plastics Co. - see C-Misc. Folder
Carmichael Machine Co.
Carpenter Lithographing Co.
Carrier Corp. - see Elliott Company
Cascade Corporation
Catholic Social Services
Cave Tool & Manufacturing Co. - see C-Misc. Folder
Cedar Bog
Cellulose Fibers, Inc. - see C-Misc. Folder
Cemeteries - see C-Misc. Folder; - see also individual cemetery names
Central Brass & Fixture Co. - see Buckeye Bumpers
Central United Methodist Church
Chakeres, Phil
Chamber of Commerce
Champion Chemical Company - see Champion Company
Champion Company
Chaney Manufacturing Co. - see Thermometer Corporation of America
Christ Chapel Church of God
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Lutheran Church in Northridge
Church of Christ
Church of Jesus
Churches - see also specific church names
Circus Plaza ("Jack's Corner") - see C-Misc. Folder
Cities & Towns - see also specific names
City Building
City Charter
City Hall
City Hospital - see Community Hospital
City of Springfield Newsletter
City Planning - see also Community Development
Clarence J. Brown Dam & Reservoir
Clark, Bobby
Clark County Beverage Co. - see Fisher Beverage Co.
Clark County Children's Home
Clark County Home
Clark County Sanitorium
Clark, George R.
Clark Landmark
Clark Memorial Home - see C-Misc. Folder
Clark State Community College
Clark State Community College Performing Arts Center
Clippinger, Joseph
Coca Cola
Coffelt Candy - see C-Misc. Folder
Colonial Baptist Church
Columbia Gas
Columbia Street Cemetery
Colvin Family
Commercial Motor Freight, Inc. - see C-Misc. Folder
Community Beautification Committee - see C-Misc. Folder
Community Development - see also City Planning; Economic Conditions
Community Hospital (City Hospital)
Community Hospital (City Hospital) Annual Reports
Continental Big Top Circus - see C-Misc. Folder
Cooper Energy Services
Copes Travel-Rama - see C-Misc. Folder
Cornerstone Baptist Church - see C-Misc. Folder
Cosmos, P. D. Co. - see C-Misc. Folder
Council of Neighborhood Assoc.
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Crabill House
Credit Bureau of Springfield - see C-Misc. Folder
Credit Life
Creger (Creager) Family
Crowell-Collier Publishing Co.
Crowell Family
Crowell-Martin House (Greek Orthodox Church) - see C-Misc. Folder
Cumming, Edward
Top of Page
Daughter's of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
David's Gloves, Inc.
Davisson House - see D-Misc. Folder
Delta Kappa Gamma - see D-Misc. Folder
Demint, James
Department of Human Services - see D-Misc. Folder
Depew Vault Service - see D-Misc. Folder
Description & Travel
Dillinger, John - see D-Misc. Folder
Dingeldein, A.T., Co. - see D-Misc. Folder
Dolly Varden (Community) - see D-Misc. Folder
Donnel House (Lower Valley Pike) - see D-Misc. Folder
Donnels Creek Church of the Brethren
Downey & Company, Inc.
Driscoll's Abattoir - see D-Misc. Folder
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Eagle Tool
Echo, Inc.
Economic Conditions
Elderly United
Electric Railroads - see also Interurban Railroads
Elliott Company
Embry, Wayne
Emery Chapel United Methodist Church - see E-Misc. Folder
Emro Marketing
Enon Church of Christ
Enon, Ohio
Enon, Ohio - Schools
Enon Products Co. - see E-Misc. Folder
Estle (McCullough) House (7646 N. River Rd., South Charleston) - see E-Misc. Folder
Eubank Tire Co. - see E-Misc. Folder
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Fabric Products Manufacturing - see F-Misc. Folder
Fairbanks Theater
Faith in Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Family Service Agency - see F-Misc. Folder
Farm Bureau Cooperative - see Clark Landmark, Inc.
Farm Management, Inc. - see F-Misc. Folder
Federal Steel Processing - see F-Misc. Folder
Ferncliff Cemetery
Field & Assoc. - see F-Misc. Folder
Fifth Lutheran Church
Fink Meat Co. - see F-Misc. Folder
Fire Department - see Springfield Fire Division
Fireoved & McCann Pharmacy - see F-Misc. Folder
First Assembly of God
First Baptist Church - see F-Misc. Folder
First Baptist Church of New Carlisle - see F-Misc. Folder
First Christian Church - see F-Misc. Folder
First Church of Christ in Christian Union - see F-Misc. Folder
First Church of the Open Bible - see F-Misc. Folder
First Free Will Baptist Church
First Presbyterian Church - see F-Misc. Folder
First United Church of Christ
Fisher Beverage Co. - see F-Misc. Folder
Fleetwing - see F-Misc. Folder
Foam Plastics, Inc. - see F-Misc. Folder
Foos Family
Foreman Club - see Springfield Management Association
Foreman, Jim, Pontiac - see F-Misc. Folder
Fountain Square - see Esplanade
4-H Club - see also Graham, A.B.
Frankenstein Family
Fry, Charles
Fry, Inc.
Fulmer, E.W. Co. - see Fulmer Supermarkets
Fulmer Supermarkets
Funeral Homes
Top of Page
Gaier, Raymond
Gallacher, L. Theresa
Galloway House (Enon) - see G-Misc. Folder
George Rogers Clark State Park
Gilbert Family
Gish, Dorothy & Lillian
Glen Helen
Golden Thumb Glove - see G-Misc. Folder
Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church
Grace Bible Church
Grace Ridgewood Lutheran Church - see G-Misc. Folder
Grace United Methodist Church
Graham, A. B. - see also 4-H Club
Grange - see G-Misc. Folder
Graphic Paper Products Corp.
Greater Springfield & Clark County Assoc. - see G-Misc. Folder
Greek Orthodox Church
Greenbriar Farm - see G-Misc. Folder
Greene and Ladd - see G-Misc. Folder
Top of Page
Haddix, Harvey
Haley Machine Co. - see H-Misc. Folder
Hamilton Co. - see H-Misc. Folder
Hammond Family - see Gilbert Family
Harmony Machine Products, Inc. - see H-Misc. Folder
Hartman's Historical Rock Garden
Hartwell College - see H-Misc. Folder
Heat-Treating, Inc. - see H-Misc. Folder
Heaume Hotel - see H-Misc. Folder
Hendershot House (221 E. Main - demolished) - see H-Misc. Folder
Henry, Robert C.
Hertzler Family
Hertzler House
High Street United Methodist Church
Hiland Chemical Products - see H-Misc. Folder
Hill Building Supply Co. - see H-Misc. Folder
Hill Coal Co. - see Hill Building Supply Co.
Hill Fluid Company - see Champion Company
Hills Department Store - see H-Misc. Folder
Historic Buildings - see also specific building names; Architecture
Historical Society
History - Chronology
History Committee
History - Military
History - Personal Narratives
History - Sesquicentennial
Hoenig's Inc. - see H-Misc. Folder
Hokenson, Lynn Co. - see H-Misc. Folder
Holiday Inn - see H-Misc. Folder
Hollandia Gardens - see H-Misc. Folder
Holophane Company, Inc.
Home Store - see Bushnell Building
Hope Lutheran Church
Hoppes Manufacturing Company
Hotel Bancroft - see H-Misc. Folder
Hotel Shawnee - see Shawnee Place
Hotels/Motels - see also specific names
Hough Laboratories - see H-Misc. Folder
Hrinko, Peter - see H-Misc. Folder
Human Relations Department
Huffman House
Hunt House
Huntington National Bank - see Lagonda National Bank
Hydro-Power, Inc. - see H-Misc. Folder
Top of Page
I Supply and Equipment Co. - see I-Misc. Folder
Ideal Art Co. - see Artists
Ideal Power Lawn Mower Co. - see Mast, Foos Manufacturing
Indianapolis Switch & Frog Co.
Inland Systems. Inc.
Interchemical Corp. - see I-Misc. Folder
International Harvester - see International Truck & Engine Corp.
International Order of Odd Fellows
International Steel Wool Corp.
International Truck & Engine Corp.
Interurban Railroads - - see Electric Railroads
Top of Page
J & J Foundry - see J-Misc. Folder
Junior Service League - see J-Misc. Folder
Jack's Corner - see Circus Plaza
Jail - see also Public Safety Building
Jaycees - see J-Misc. Folder
Jefferson School - see Springfield Community Schools
Johnson's Catering Service - see J-Misc. Folder
Jorgensen Conveyors, Ohio, Inc. - see J-Misc. Folder
Top of Page
Kappel, Thomas Inc. - see K-Misc. Folder
Kasle Steel - see also Ohio Western Steel
Katzenjammer Club - see K-Misc. Folder
Keifer Family
Kelly Family
Kelly, O.S.
Kelly, W. A. Motor Sales - see K-Misc. Folder
Kelly-Springfield Motor Truck Co.
Kelsey-Hayes Co. - see Steel Products Engineering Co.
Kenton, Simon
King, David
King Kone - see K-Misc. Folder
Kissell Company
Kleemans Furniture for Home and Office - see K-Misc. Folder
Knights of Pythias
Knoxville, Ohio - see K-Misc. Folder
Koehler Tool & Die - see K-Misc. Folder
Koehring Co. - see Buffalo-Springfield Co.
Kraft and Assoc., Inc. - see K-Misc. Folder
Kramer Planning Mill - see K-Misc. Folder
Kreider Corp.
Kresge, S.S. & Co. - see K-Misc. Folder
Krythe, Maymie R.
Top of Page
Ladies Union Mite Society - see L-Misc. Folder
Lagonda Club - see L-Misc. Folder
Lagonda Manufacturing (Lagonda Automobile) - see L-Misc. Folder
Lagonda National Bank (Huntington National Bank)
Lagonda Printing Co. - see Springfield Commercial Printing
Lagonda Tool Co.
Lagonda United Methodist Church
Lamme, Benjamin Garver - see L-Misc. Folder
Landmark - see Clark Landmark
Last Man's Club - see L-Misc. Folder
Lawrence, Brooks
Lawrenceville, Ohio - Schools
Lawson Milk Co. - see L-Misc. Folder
Lawson's Corrugated Box Co - see L-Misc. Folder
League of Women Voters
Leffel Family
Leffel Co.
Lenski, Lois
Les Femmes - see L-Misc. Folder
Liedertafel - see L-Misc. Folder
Lion's Club
Littleton Funeral Home - see Rodgers Mansion
Lowry, David
Lowry House - see Lowry, David
Luce, Philip
Ludlow Family
Lucas, Ernestine - see L-Misc. Folder
Lytle, John
Top of Page
Mad River-Green School District
Madonna of the Trail
Maine's Towing & Recovery Service - see M-Misc. Folder
Majestic Theater - see M-Misc. Folder
Malowney, George R., Inc. - see M-Misc. Folder
Maranatha Baptist Church
Marketplace - see City Building
Marshall's Prescription Pharmacies, Inc. - see M-Misc. Folder
Martin Family
Martin, J.E. Machine Co.
Mason, Samson
Masonic Home
Mast Foos Manufacturing - see also Musgrave Inc.
Mast, P.P.
Matai, USA - see M-Misc. Folder
McAdams, Roy E.
McCreight Family
McCuddy, William E.
McEnaney, Will
McGrew Family
McGregor Family
McKenzie Lumber & Coal Co.
McKnight, Robert J.
Medaris, John
Medway Baptist Church
Medway, Ohio - see M-Misc. Folder
Memorial Hall
Memorial Park - see M-Misc. Folder
Mental Health - see also Board of Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities; Springview Center
Merchants & Mechanics Bank
Mercy Medical Center
Mercy Medical Center - Annual Reports
Mercy Medical Center Journal
Metcalf, Robert - see M-Misc. Folder
Miami Industrial Trucks, Inc - see M-Misc. Folder
Miami Pattern Co.
Miami View Elementary School - see M-Misc. Folder
Mid-Continent Manufacturing - see also OMCO Products
Midland Grocery Co. - see M-Misc. Folder
Midwest Chemical Paint Manufacturers - see M-Misc. Folder
Mill Run - see Sewage
Miller Printing - see also Graphic Paper Products Corp.
Missionary Church
Mitchell Engineering Co. - see Udylite Corp.
Mitchell House - see N-Misc. Folder (New Carlisle Inn)
Mitchell-Thomas Hospital - see Community Hospital
Modern Artcraft Printing Co. - see Springfield Commercial Printing Co.
Moore, Davey
Morgal Machine Tool Co. - see also Ohio Stamping & Machine Inc.
Morgan, Helen Bosart
Morret Family
Morris, Earl
Mounds - see also Archaeology
Muncy Corp. - see M-Misc. Folder
Murray-Black Co.
Musgrave, Inc. - see also Mast, Foos Manufacturing
Top of Page
National Cash Register Co. - see N-Misc. Folder
National Historical Register
National Lumber & Hardware Co., Inc. - see N-Misc. Folder
National Supply Co. - see also White Motor Co.
Navistar - see International Truck & Engine Corp.
New Carlisle Inn - see N-Misc. Folder
New Carlisle, Ohio
New Carlisle, Ohio - Schools
New Century Club - see N-Misc. Folder
New Found Friends - see N-Misc. Folder
New Liberty Theater - see N-Misc. Folder
New North Street A.M.E. Church
New York Coal Co. - see N-Misc. Folder
Newsweek Magazine
Nichaelson Family - see Gilbert Family
Nisley Shoe Co. - see N-Misc. Folder
Norris, John T.
North Hampton United Church of Christ - see N-Misc. Folder
Northridge Shopping Center - see N-Misc. Folder
Northridge United Methodist Church
Northside Baptist Church
Top of Page
Oesterlen Home
Ogden House - see O-Misc. Folder
Ohio Bell
Ohio Edison
Ohio Lyric Theater (Springfield Civic Opera Co.) - see O-Misc. Folder
Ohio Pressed Steel, Inc. - see O-Misc. Folder
Ohio Stamping & Machine, Inc. - see O-Misc. Folder; - see also Morgal Machine Tool Co.
Ohio Steel Foundry
Ohio Theater (Sun Theater, Band Box Theater) - see O-Misc. Folder
Ohio Thermometer Co.
Ohio Tool
Ohio Western Steel Co. - see also Kasle Steel
Olan Mills
Olds, Helen Diehl
Olds, Sara Whitney
Oliver Corporation
OMCO Products Corp. - see also Mid-Continent Manufacturing
Top of Page
Pancake House - see P-Misc. Folder
Parish Coal & Feed, Inc. - see P-Misc. Folder
Park Shopping Center - see P-Misc. Folder
Parker Sweeper Co.
Parks & Recreation - see also specific park names
Patton Manufacturing
Paul, John
Payne Tool & Engineering Co.
Pennsylvania House
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. - see P-Misc. Folder
Perfection Laundry Co.
Peters and Russell, Inc.
Peters, Fred E. and Sons - see P-Misc. Folder
Phillips, Clarence Cole
Pilot Club - see P-Misc. Folder
Piqua, Battle of
Pitchin, Ohio - see P-Misc. Folder
Pitt Separator - see P-Misc. Folder
Pitzer, Betty
Play Box Theater
Politics and Government
Poly Plastic & Design Corp.
Postal Service
Prosser Homestead (Croft Rd.)
Prutsman Manufacturing Co. - see P-Misc. Folder
Public Library
Public Safety Building - see also Jail
Pugh-Kushmaul, Inc. - see P-Misc. Folder
Top of Page
Quick Manufacturing Co.
Railroads - see also Street-Railroads; Electric Railroads
Ram Product, Inc.
Rawac Plating Co. - see R-Misc. Folder
Readmore - see R-Misc. Folder
Recknagel Machine Products, Inc. - see R-Misc. Folder
RECO - see Recreation Equipment Co.
Recreation Equipment Co. (RECO) - see R-Misc. Folder
Red Head Brewery - see R-Misc. Folder
Refuse and Refuse Disposal
Regent Theater
Reiter Dairy, Inc. - see R-Misc. Folder
Rhoades Paper Box Corp.
Rice, Robert Jr.
Richards, Raff & Dunbar Memorial Home - see Bushnell House
Ridgely Trimmer
Ridgely Home Modernizing Co.
Ridgewood School
Riots - see R-Misc. Folder
Risen Christ Lutheran Church
Robbins & Myers, Inc.
Roberts Iron Works Co. - see R-Misc. Folder
Robertson Can Co. - see Robertson Steel & Iron Co.
Robertson Sign Co. - see Robertson Steel & Iron Co.
Robertson Steel & Iron Co. (Robertson Can Co., Robertson Sign Co.) - see R-Misc. Folder
Rockway Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rodgers Construction, Inc. - see R-Misc. Folder
Rodgers Family
Rodgers Mansion (Littleton Funeral Home) - see R-Misc. Folder
Rolling Hills Elementary School - see R-Misc. Folder
Root, H.G. Co.
Ross Abattoir Co.
Ross Equipment Co. - see Bayley, William Co.
Ross-Willoughby Co.
Royal St. John Sewing Machine Co. - see R-Misc. Folder
Rubber Tire Wheel Co. - see R-Misc. Folder
Ruby Tuesday
Top of Page
Safeway Packaging Co. - see Hokenson, Lynn Co.
St. Bernard Church
St. Bernard School - see S-Misc. Folder
St. John's Lutheran Church - see S -Misc. Folder
St. Joseph Church
St. Mark United Methodist Church
St. Mary Church
St. Mary School - see S-Misc. Folder
St. Raphael Roman Catholic Church
St. Raphael School
Samuelson, A.G. Inc. - see S-Misc. Folder
Sanders, Jacquin
Schaefer's Bakery Co.
Schmidt's Drug Store
Schools - History
Scot's Inn Motel - see S-Misc. Folder
Second Church of Christ in Christian Union - see S-Misc. Folder
Seddon Co. - see S-Misc. Folder
Shawnee High School - see S-Misc. Folder
Shawnee Machine Products Co. - see S-Misc. Folder
Shawnee Place (Hotel Shawnee)
Sheehan Brothers Vending - see S-Misc. Folder
Simon Kenton Farm
Six Industries, Inc.
Slack, Peter - see S-Misc. Folder
Smith (Haddix) House (South Vienna) - see S-Misc. Folder
Smith, Peter
Snyder, D.L. Co. - see S-Misc. Folder
Snyder Family
Snyder House (Tecumseh Rd.) - see S-Misc. Folder
Snyder Park
Snyder Tank Corp.
Soil Conservation
South Charleston, Ohio
South Charleston United Methodist Church - see S-Misc. Folder
South Fountain Avenue Preservation
South Vienna, Ohio - see S-Misc. Folder
Southeastern Local School District
Southside Christian Fellowship
SPECO Corp. - see Steel Products Engineering Co.
Spring Grove Park (Avalon Park)
Springfield Aluminum Plate & Casting - see Holophane Co. Inc.
Springfield Armature Works - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Arts Council
Springfield Bank - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport
Springfield Brass Co. - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Bus Co. (Springfield Transit, Inc., Springfield City Line, Inc.)
Springfield Business College - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Children's Zoo
Springfield Church of Christ
Springfield City Line Inc. - see Springfield Bus Co.
Springfield Cabinet Works - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Civic Opera Company - see Ohio Lyric Theater
Springfield Civic Theatre
Springfield Coal and Ice - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Commercial Printing - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Community Schools
Springfield Container Corp.
Springfield Country Club
Springfield Dairy Products - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Electric Motor Co. - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Equipment Co.
Springfield Fire Division
Springfield Foundation
Springfield Furniture
Springfield Gravure Corp.
Springfield Greene Industries
Springfield Inn
Springfield Landmark Feed Plant - see Clark Landmark Inc.
Springfield Laundry
Springfield Leather Products
Springfield Machine Tool Company
Springfield Management Assoc. (Foreman's Club) - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Manufacturing Co.
Springfield Metallic Casket Co.
Springfield Museum of Art
Springfield News-Sun
Springfield, Ohio - Schools - Annual Reports
Springfield, Ohio - Schools - History - 1806-1959
Springfield, Ohio - Schools - History - 1960-
Springfield, Ohio - Schools - Newsletter
Springfield Screw Products Co. - see OMCO Products Corp.
Springfield Sketch Club - see Artists
Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Springfield Technology Center
Springfield Tent & Awning Co.
Springfield Transit Inc. - see Springfield Bus Co.
Springfield Urban League and Community Center - see S-Misc. Folder
Springfield Welding & Supply Co. - see Ohio Tool
Springfield Wheel Puller Co.
Springfield Window Cleaning Co. - see Witenko Enterprises Inc.
Springview Center
State Theater
States, R.J. Motors, Inc. - see S-Misc. Folder
Steel Products Engineering Co.
Steinberger, David Oran
Stemun Manufacturing Co. - see S-Misc. Folder
Sterling Manufacturing Co.
Stevenson, H.S. & Sons, Inc.
Stewart, Eliza "Mother"
Stewart Plastic Products Co. - see S-Misc. Folder
Stores, Retail
Story-Hypes Memorial United Methodist Church
Summer Arts Festival
Sun, Gus
Sun Theater - see Ohio Theater
Sutherly Construction - see S-Misc. Folder
Sweet Manufacturing
Swonger Furniture
Top of Page
TAC Industries
Taggart's Building Supply Center (Taggart Concrete Products) - see T-Misc. Folder
Taylor Manufacturing Co. - see T-Misc. Folder
Teledyne Ohiocast - see Ohio Steel Foundry
Telephone - see also Bruce, William
Thermometer Corporation of America
Third Presbyterian Church - see T-Misc. Folder
Thomas Stationery Manufacturing - see T-Misc. Folder
Thompson Grinder Co.
Titlow, Benneta
Tittle, Walter
Tolliver, Richard
Toro Manufacturing Corp. - see T-Misc. Folder
Toulmin, Harry A. - see T-Misc. Folder
Town & Country Early Childhood Center & School
Transportation Coordinating Committee
Triad Products Co., Inc. - see T-Misc. Folder
Tribune Printing Co. - see Springfield Commercial Printing Co.
Trinity Lutheran Church - see T-Misc. Folder
Tru-Foto Finishing Service, Inc. - see T-Misc. Folder
Tuberculosis - see Clark County Sanatorium
Tuttle Bros. Co. - see T-Misc. Folder
Tuttle House (Rice St. & Delta Rd.) - see T-Misc. Folder
Twentieth Century Literary Club - see T-Misc. Folder
Top of Page
Udylite Corp.
Uhl, S. Jerome
Ulery Greenhouses Co., Inc. - see U-Misc. Folder
Ultes, Elizabeth Bruce
Underground Railroad
Union Settlement House - see U-Misc. Folder
United Appeals Fund - see United Way
United Board & Carton Corp. - see U-Misc. Folder
United Way (United Appeals Fund)
Uptowner Inn - see U-Misc. Folder
Top of Page
Van Dyke Club - see V-Misc. Folder
Van-Dyne Crotty, Inc.
Venetian Marble of Central Ohio - see V-Misc. Folder
Veterans Memorial Park
Vicarey, Merifield
Victor Feed Mill Co. - see Bauer Bros.
Victor Rubber Tire Co. - see Rubber Tire Wheel Co.
Vining Industries - see V-Misc. Folder
Visual Education Assoc. - see V-Misc. Folder
Volunteer Service Bureau - see V-Misc. Folder
Top of Page
Wagner Fireproof Storage & Truck Co. - see W-Misc. Folder
Ward Family
Warder Family
Warder House - see W-Misc. Folder
Warder Public Library - see Public Library
Warren Manufacturing Co. - see W-Misc. Folder
Watch-It-Wash - see W-Misc. Folder
Water Supply
Westcott, Burton J.
Westcott House (Frank Lloyd Wright)
Western Tool and Manufacturing Co.
White Motor Co. - see also National Supply Co.
Whitely, William
Whiteman House - see W-Misc. Folder
Whittredge, Worthington
Wickham Piano Plate Co. - see W-Misc. Folder
Widener Architects - see W-Misc. Folder
Wilder Family
Wiley, Jackson - see Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Williamson, W.H. Co. - see W-Misc. Folder
Will-O-Baskets - see W-Misc. Folder
Winchester Carton Corp. - see W-Misc. Folder
Winters, Jonathan
Wiseman, Robert Cummings
Wisler Productions - see Applied Communications
Witenko Enterprises, Inc. - see W-Misc. Folder
Wittenberg University
Wobbe Cleaners - see W-Misc. Folder
Woman's Club
Woman's Town Club
Women's Christian Temperance Union - see W-Misc. Folder
Woodard Machine Co. - see Harmony Machine Products Inc.
Woolworth, F.W. Co. - see W-Misc. Folder
Wren, Edward
Wren, Edward Co. (Wren's Department Store)
Wright, Frank Lloyd - see Westcott House
WSWO-TV (Channel 26) - see W-Misc. Folder
W-W Electric Co.
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Yost Superior Co. - see XYZ-Misc. Folder
Yotec, Inc. - see XYZ-Misc. Folder
Young Woman's Mission - see XYZ-Misc. Folder
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Zephyr Hill Nursery - see XYZ-Misc. Folder
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
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